Melatone Staff Hiking

Melatone staffs went hiking to Namhansanseong fortress last week! Beautifully dressed with autumn colors, the Mountain gave our staffs refreshment and energy. Namhansanseong fortress is also famous for the movie “The Fortress”(2017). This place is also very historical area where the Joseon Dynasty fought against Qing’s military. If you are interested in this story, you may watch this movie as it…

Visit our display room

We’ve created inspirational space in our office especially for our visitors. Please come and check Melatone laminate range as well as our new products. You will get inspired by this creative atmosphere. Melatone is ready for giving you unlimited imagination.


In response to favorable reaction on Clean touch series, Melatone proudly introduced new color additions to Clean touch. Free samples of our new colors, Black blue and Black green, are available upon request!