Simply Minimalism

Simply minimalism, white interior

Minimalism, an ongoing interior trend that has been around for long. It is also a revolutionary artistic movement ever since the 60s. So, how hard can it be? Just leave a few chakra stones lying around, scented Yankee candles and Live, Laugh, Love decals plastered carefully, and we’re all set. But have we indeed gotten all of its essences?

” the intentional emphasis on things that matter and the removal of other stuff that don’t.”

To begin, what is Minimalism? It is a style formed by the intentional emphasis on things that matter and the removal or muting of the other stuff that don’t. A concept that lies in simplicity, yet when asked holds many different interpretations. In today’s world, we often gauge the amount of satisfaction and even status quo with the number of possessions one accumulates. Minimalism teaches and helps us detach from this enticing sentiment.

Dark Minimalist Interior

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Creating a minimalist environment can be rather straightforward. Maintaining a minimalist finish, on the other hand, usually comes with much consistent effort and discipline despite its effortless outlook. You always have to keep things in check and be disciplined to ensure a clean and decluttered space. That’s a lot of work for a simple concept, especially when we live in such a fast-paced and hectic society. But fret not, as we have got just the right solution – Clean Touch.

Melatone Clean Touch for Table Top

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Clean Touch Thermal Self-Healing

Bringing the best out of interior Minimalism

Clean Touch surfaces promise the best user experiences; being stronger and sturdier than the average HPL. They embody many incredible features such as Thermal Self-Healing and Scratch Resistance. Also, they are particularly hassle-free when it comes to maintenance. Laminates are naturally easy to use and easy to clean. But what’s distinctive about Clean Touch is it’s incredibly opaque finish. It’s exterior so extremely matte yet feathery soft to the touch. This distinct aesthetic can also help play a part in your journey to a minimal and clean interior style, giving you the best of both worlds; Minimalism that is easy to keep.