Teak High Pressure Laminates, MODS by Melatone


Melatone Anti-Bacterial Laminates is produced with Melatone’s patented ABL formula which is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria across the entire surface of Melatone HPL. Independent tests have shown that 99.9% of Escherichia Coli (E.coli) bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and mold that came in contact with Melatone ABL surface were killed in a 24-hour period. It serves as an anti-bacterial protection that suits perfectly for hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and ChildCare sectors.

Bleached Kraft

Laminates with Bleached Kraft paper is a perfect and yet affordable option for those who want to avoid black edges on applications. Bleached Kraft paper is especially suitable for light colored woodgrains, and there is no limitations on colors, patterns and finishes.

Chemical Resistant

This special grade of Melatone HPL is produced with unique resin to give the laminate an extraordinary function that increases its chemical resistance. The laminate is suitable for places such as laboratories, research centers, etc.

Color Core

Melatone offers the laminate a homogeneous solid color throughout, that is surface and core are identical in color. It is perfect for those who prefers applications without seeing dark lines at the joints.

Digital Laminates (Interior / Exterior)

Melatone digital printing facility offers the flexibility and versatility to produce laminates in any custom designs and images that your imagination can create. It is ideal for supply chain stores who wish to have their unique corporate identity or their very own creative images printed onto the laminates to be used in their interior and exterior spaces.

Eco-Friendly (ECO)

Melatone cares about general public’s health, thus we strive to reduce toxic chemicals such as Formaldehyde in all of our production. Improvement in the resin formula allows all Melatone’s laminates to meet E-O, European formaldehyde emission standards.

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD)

Melatone Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) HPL contains an unique conductive layer that completely drains voltage away from your work surface. It is ideal for clean room, research laboratories and industries such as electronics and high-technology where static electricity would pose a problem and dust-free environment is preferred.

Exterior Grade Compact Laminate

Melatone’s Exterior Grade Compact Laminate is a breakthrough product for the facade of the buildings. It is a reliable product that has a wide spectrum of features such as resistance to weathering and sunlight (UV), mechanically strong, easy to clean surface and environmentally friendly. It is available in various thickness and sizes upon request.

Fire-Retardant (FR)

Melatone Fire-Retardant HPL meets fire codes from a variety of laboratories in multiple countries especially certified by DNV. This fire retardant grade laminate comes in a wide range of patterns, colours, sizes and finishes. They are used in residential, commercial, industrial buildings and transport industries where safety regulations require strict compliance.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Melatone takes responsibility for the environment. All materials that Melatone uses are all FSC certified. Melatone not only ensures materials used in the production come from well-managed forests but also mandates the use of these materials efficiently.

High Gloss

Melatone uses advanced resin with well controlled technique to produce high gloss surface without undulation that far exceeds market standards. Melatone’s Gloss measured at 110~120 vs Market standard gloss measured at 100. With Melatone’s real High Gloss, it makes any colours and designs of choice appearing even more luxurious.

Interior Grade Compact Laminate

Melatone’s Interior Grade Compact Laminates is the ultimate choice for toilet cubicles. Its impact resistance and water-resistance make it an ideal and maintenance-free product to be used in areas that are prone to contact with water.

Marine Grade

Melatone produces Marine Grade HPLs that are tested in accordance to the stringent requirements of DNV standards making them suitable for application in ships and cruises.

Metal Range

Melatone uses genuine aluminium, copper and polished metal foils in the production for their metal laminates collection. It is truly an artistic fusion of metal and laminate.

Postforming Grade (PF) 

Melatone’s advanced resin technology allows the laminates to bend by using heat to reach the radius as small as 3R.  Melatone’s postforming laminate is a perfect solution to right angle edges.

Scratch & Wear Resistant

Melatone Wear Resistant HPL far exceeds the industry standards and dramatically durable. This enhanced surface feature is available in a variety of patterns and colors with multiple finishes.

Scuff Resistant Gloss

Melatone SR+ grade is a highly durable glossy HPL with strong resistance to scuff. While ordinary traditional gloss HPL is not the appropriate material for usage like table tops, kitchen tops and vanity units, now Melatone SR+ gloss provides solution for glossy colours and designs to be used for horizontal applications. It is also ready to form down to 8R (radius) by using proper postforming machine.