Dark Interior Trend: Dare To Go Black

Black Interior and Furniture

Everyone knows that dark colours have been an ever-increasing choice for all things spatial. Especially when it comes to decors and finishes, dark colours, notably black is at its peak. Many interior style gurus have also predicted it to be one of the top interior trends this year! The colour black is a timeless classic; it never goes out of style.

This season, Matte blacks are coming on to the interior scene like a storm. It is not as overwhelming as the conventional black, yet this muteness furnishes your interior with calming vibes.

A Touch of Black

The versatility of the colour black is immense. A touch of black accentuates all the other elements in your space; even better when it’s matte. They make fantastic backdrops for colourful artworks or decorative accessories. Black does well as the star of the show, centre of attention or as a subtle decoration as well. The colour can give any room an illusion of spaciousness as well as create a visual sense of cohesivity.

Black Minimalist Interior

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" ...more often than not,
dark surfaces tend to present
challenges in maintenance."

Black is the darkest colour in the colour spectrum. The colour results from an absence of light, which is an essential factor that helps our eyes perceive anything. With this fact in mind, we can safely say that it is a universal judgement that black or dark surfaces are the easiest to maintain. Surprisingly, more often than not dark surfaces tend to present challenges in maintenance. Since marks, scuffs and fingerprints can be more visible on dark surfaces. It began to be a common reason for people to abstain from dark surfaces as well. Especially when they are matte, the marks and fingerprints tend to stick out like a sore thumb. There are even times when it’s like as if dirtying the surface could be done effortlessly, while careful handling grows harder by the day.

With Every Problem Comes a Solution

Side table made by Clean Touch Anti-Fingerprint laminate

Furniture made with Clean Touch by Munito         Source: Image

However, with every problem comes a solution. But for the longest time, there hasn’t been one meant to deal with the dilemma of matte blacks. It wasn’t until today that we finally have the solutions to irresistible mattes – Clean Touch.

Made with advanced Electron Beam Technology from Germany, Clean Touch surfaces are ultra matte. On top of it’s low reflectivity to light, Clean Touch laminates also embody a variety of features such as anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch etc. Now we can all enjoy ultra matte surfaces freely without the hassle of maintenance. Clean Touch surfaces are all benefits, low maintenance and worth every penny. 

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