New! Incheon Display Room

어서 오십시오!

After much hard work, blood, sweat and more sweat, we present you our brand new display room! It situates within our Headquarters at Incheon, Korea. What’s more? It is open for public viewing. Drop us an email, and we will be more than happy to zoom you over for a mini-tour.

Melatone Showroom in Incheon showcasing laminate and flooring laminate applications

Over at our display room, you can enjoy a myriad of our laminates and decors. We’ve got the full range, from the thinnest ( HPL ) to the thickest ( Compact Laminates ) and also flooring laminates ( Ríne ).

Life-size figurine made entirely out of Melatone Compact Laminates

Life-size figurine made entirely out of Compact Laminates

Melatone Compact Laminate Panels

Compact Laminate samples

We look forward to sharing with you the many wonders that laminates can create. Laminates make one of the most durable interior surfaces. But if you start thinking just a little out of the box, you will realise that it can be more than a surface application. For example, its compact counterparts are strong enough to be a building material on its own.

Melatone Showroom in Incheon, Digital PrintArt Laminate

Artwork by the CEO’s daughter, Digital PrintArt production by Melatone

Other than the usual woodgrains and marble motifs, you can even turn your artworks into any forms of laminates, applicable to your living spaces! These laminates are called Digital PrintArts.

Melatone Showroom in Incheon, Korea

High Pressure Laminate application

Lastly, as we all know, laminates can also be made into custom pieces of furniture. Book an appointment with us today, so we may scoot you over and share with you in greater details about our spectacular products. A better future for the interior lovers awaits!