Digital PrintArt by Melatone

Melatone Tiles Design Laminate

We bring you, Digital PrintArt laminates by Melatone. They are custom laminates made with any digital designs you desire. We print your designs on to decor paper, then press them with multiple layers of kraft and overlay. The results? Laminates of your artwork that you can apply to any space. Now you can breathe life into beloved artworks while sprucing up your interior spaces simultaneously.

Melatone @ Architect 2017

Melatone exhibiting tiles design laminate in Architect Thailand 2017
Melatone tiles design digital print laminate

Digital PrintArt is available at Melatone. It is also currently on display now, at the Architect Expo in Bangkok, Thailand! One of our most favoured Digital PrintArt is the Moroccan Tiles. Many visitors were attracted to its intricate details and the sophistication that lingers.

Melatone Tiles design digital print laminate apply as wall, backdrop
Melatone Tiles design laminate apply onto table top

An interior lover’s fantasy

Digital PrintArt is an interior lover’s fantasy and every artist’s dream. It gives art a second chance at life. You may further customise your Digital PrintArt with any preferred finish. There is also an option for pure core if you desire. All you have to do is email us your artwork (in suitable dimensions). Next, inform us of your requests, and you’re all set. Easy peasy!

Alternatively, you may also press your Digital PrintArts into compact laminates. Compacts can substitute solid materials. You can piece and put them together to make your very own custom furniture.